About Boral Cement

Quality control, innovation and an ongoing program for continual improvement has taken Boral Cement to the forefront of the Australian cement industry. Boral Cement has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and has offices and operations in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Boral Cement supplies bulk cements and cement blends, bagged cements and drymixes in both NSW and Victoria. Building professionals can be assured that our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Instruments like the Scanning Electron Microscopy, ambient and high temperature X-ray diffractometry, auto X-ray fluorescence and calorimetry provide chemical analysis and measurement of important properties such as mineralogical and morphological composition and heat of hydration. Boral Cement places a high priority on making sure you receive the right materials when and where you want them. Our sophisticated delivery network includes dual gauge rail transport, which can deliver vast quantities of material to metropolitan and regional rail depots. From here it is decanted into trucks for immediate delivery to your site. In addition to cementitious products, Boral Cement supplies oxides, grouts, sands, repair products and demolition agents for a variety of applications.