About Dindas

Building product value Our core business is the provision of building products and services. As a wholesaler we link producers and merchants. We're committed to developing and maintaining industry best practice to ensure we are regarded as the supplier of first choice. We guarantee price competitiveness, quality of product and efficiency in service. Dindas currently imports from New Zealand, the West coast of USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia, as well as distributing many local products. We seek to provide value to our customers through our team, our service, our systems, our relationships and our products.

Our commitment to your business

  • To provide unbeatable value in our product and service combinations for our customers
  • To deliver profitable outcomes to our customers and suppliers
  • To excite, motivate and challenge our team in an enjoyable and rewarding professional environment
  • To distribute products that are environmentally responsible for our planet’s long term benefit
  • To always promote a culture of continuous improvement

We are working to make Dindas Australia a premium brand in the Australian building industry.

How we add value to your business

Dindas Australia's service focus and point of difference involves the provision of many services to enhance our products, such as:

  • Technical and marketing support for our customers
  • Interactive website services for customers, providing up-to-date information on product offers, pricing and other features
  • Service guarantees – that our deliveries are on time every time, and our take-off quantities are correct every time.
  • An increased capacity to value-add with our state of the art logistics systems, our estimating, take-offs and other services
  • LOSP Treatment services providing premium quality, fast service and treatment performance guaranteed for 25 years*