About USG Boral

In early 2014, Boral's Gypsum came together with USG to form a 50/50 joint venture known as USG Boral. With around 3,500 employees, USG Boral is the leading manufacturer and supplier of plasterboard-based wall, ceiling lining systems and accessories in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.

USG Boral Australia

In Australia, USG Boral has plasterboard manufacturing plants in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, a specialty plasters and jointing compounds plant in Victoria, cornice plants in New South Wales and Victoria, an integrated national network of around 50 specialist trade centres, and Australia's largest residential wall and ceiling installation service.

USG Boral is a 50% shareholder in Gypsum Resources Australia (GRA) which owns and operates one of Australia's largest economic natural gypsum resources. USG Boral is also a 50% shareholder in Rondo Building Systems, which supplies metal wall and ceiling framing (CSR is the other shareholder in this joint venture).