Best Group, Best Buying

Natbuild is Australia's leading trade hardware and building supplies buying group representing $2.5 billion in trade sales annually. As a member of this innovative group you will be associating with many of the best trade merchants in the country. You'll also be benefitting from the best supplier deals and rebates in the industry thanks to our buying power and the unmatched strength of our supplier relationships. With Natbuild, you can be certain you will be getting the most competitive terms and you can be confident that you are part of group that is focused on making a profit for you, not from you.

Best People

Natbuild's support team comprises some of the most experienced and professional people in the business. Every member of our team has extensive experience with independent businesses, in most cases having worked for Natbuild members, with a number have also worked for our suppliers.

Our team are constantly engaging with members, visiting stores and building our knowledge base. It's easy to see how our members benefit from such a great understanding of their business. In addition to this, Natbuild invests in training team members in our unique Product Category Management process. It's the combination of real-world experience and expert knowledge of the trade that sets Natbuild support team apart from our competitors

Best Services

Natbuild delivers a range of market-leading support services aimed at saving members time and money. They ensure Natbuild members buy better, sell more, and sell for more.

Innovative Buying & Marketing

Natbuild's innovative buying, ranging and merchandising services have been proven over many years to the best in the industry, delivering a significant competitive advantage for members.

Marketing Programs

Our marketing programs are built around the principles of growing sales while enhancing relationships with suppliers and trade customers.

IT Support

IT support is another important and growing service offering. Natbuild can assist members with website builds and technology solutions that improve engagement with trade customers.


Our eCatalogue maintains price lists in a format that is readily accessible online. Giving members 60 day alerts on supplier price changes and helping members plan better and take greater control of their profitability.

Best Model

While Natbuild's scale and buying power matters, our membership base and business model is built on quality, not quantity. When you join Natbuild, you become part of a group of Australia's best trade operators. You'll have regular opportunities to share ideas and learn from like-sized, like-minded businesses – a benefit that many of our member's value above all others.

Natbuild is member-owned and member-focused. This means our dealings are completely transparent, you maintain control of your own destiny. What's more, every member is an equal shareholder therefore you will always have a strong voice in the future direction of the group. Although our members have much in common, we understand that one size does not fit all and we embrace this difference amongst our members.

The manageable size of our group allows us to offer a flexible service, tailored to the personal needs of each member. We pride ourselves on being a low overhead, highly efficient organisation. This “lean and mean” approach means we can offer you the best value. Most importantly, we never forget that Natbuild exists only to benefit its members. That's why every cent of rebate and profit goes back to members, after all you earned it and therefore deserve it.