Biggest Group

Natbuild is Australia's most focused and capable trade group the result being that our Members deliver over $2.5 billion in sales annually, the largest in our space. Being the preferred channel to the trade market, Natbuild represents an enormous volume opportunity for suppliers.

Natbuild is the only TRUE independent group, offering a genuine diversity of market options for suppliers beyond the corporates. Our national network of 179 trusted trade locations sees the opportunity for your brands to gain exposure on a massive scale, through the convenience of a focused and efficient group. Being trade specialists, we offer a level of understanding and expertise that is unmatched in the market.

Best Members

While Natbuild is the clear market leader in trade hardware and building supplies, we represent a very lean and tight-knit group of high quality members. This combination of scale and focus makes Natbuild the perfect low-cost, high-return channel to market for suppliers.

Natbuild members are some of the most iconic, professional and dedicated in the industry with many being multi-generational family businesses with decades of experience. Our members are uniquely capable, loyal and fair to deal with. They are also willing to innovate and work in partnership with suppliers to drive results for all parties.

Best Services

Natbuild's business model is tailor-made for building successful partnerships with our suppliers.

Extensive Experience

Our team of Product Category Managers has extensive experience working not just on the shopfloor for members, but also directly for suppliers. This background gives them a rare perspective on the business and a strong commitment to fairness, partnership and loyalty in all their dealings with suppliers.

Direct Relationships

Natbuild suppliers enjoy strong direct relationships with our members. We actively encourage those relationships through our Premium Partner Program, which includes our Grow2GO loyalty rewards program. This direct and efficient conduit between your business and our members puts you in a unique position to influence their behaviour and the behaviour of their trade customers.

Flexible Arrangements

We understand that no two supplier partners are the same, which is why we offer flexible arrangements and will work with you to implement your plan, rather than dictate ours. And because we are an efficient, low-overhead organisation, we offer fair and transparent financials and a significantly lower cost to serve than our competitors.

Efficient Processes

More efficient deliveries, fewer compliance requirements and more responsive, personal service (without the layers of bureaucracy) are just some of the ways we reduce your costs and improve your profitability. It's all part of our ongoing commitment to running a lean and efficient business.

Why are we so committed to delivering a better outcome for suppliers?
Because with us it's personal.